Centrelink Planning

Centrelink is an Australian government program that delivers a range of payments and services for people at times of major change.

This includes older Australians (retirees / pension recipients), families, job seekers, carers and people with disabilities. We can assist you in dealing with Centrelink – we can provide you with advice, or we can represent your interests directly.

Your Financial Framework adviser will provide you with all of the Centrelink calculations and strategic planning advice you need, and can assist with pensions, family tax benefits, Newstart Allowance, updating child support arrangement, arranging concession cards and more. Don't be put off by dealing with Centrelink... if you are entitled to benefits we will make sure you receive them.

Preparation for Means Testing

Centrelink payments are subject to means testing – which means that before you can receive any benefit you will first be tested to determine how much you earn, and the value of your assets. Financial Framework can help you prepare for this. We can assess your financial situation and outline what your means test is likely to determine, and your benefit options moving forward. Your Financial Framework adviser will help you take the necessary steps to maximise any benefits you receive so that they become part of your strategy for growing wealth.


There are payments and services available to help older Australians with the ongoing costs of living. People who are retiring, and those working past retirement age, may be eligible for a pension or part pension. Topping up your income with the Age Pension or another allowance can make your savings last longer, and can contribute to the standard of living you will have throughout your retirement. Receiving the pension through Centrelink can be a tricky and time-consuming process that many people would prefer to not deal with. Your Financial Framework adviser can deal with Centrelink on your behalf, or just help you along the way as you need it.