Education Savings Plans

It's never too early and never too late to start saving for your child's future.

If you are planning on starting a family (or you are already well under way) education is one of the most talked-about, thought-about, and financially-impacting aspects bar none. The education we provide our children determines their future and the future of the family tree. It is not just the starting block for how our children will support themselves through life, but how they will be able to raise and support children of their own. Give your child the best chance in life. Talk to Financial Framework today.

Even though we know the end result is worth it, the price of education can be truly daunting. In addition to tuition fees, there are the ongoing expenses of eduction that keep returning: uniforms, text books, computers, camps, sports gear, musical instruments, tutor fees... you name it.

There is no substitute for a good plan

Forward planning and budgeting can help you save for the cost of your child's education. Your Financial Framework adviser will help you to distil a large, complex situation into a series of identifiable goals, and an easy-to-follow plan on how to reach them. Knowing that there is always the possibility that the family may grow even bigger, and another child's education may need to be factored in, we help you to build an Education Savings Plan that is smart, strong and flexible.

The greatest gift you can give

In a country as fortunate as Australia, it can be easy to take our right to education for granted. For millions of people in the world, education is a privilege they will never experience. As an investment in another person's future, education is one of the most precious gifts anyone could be given. Education savings can include regular contributions from grandparents and other family and friends, who wish to make a meaningful investment in your child's future.

Education savings plans can be complicated, but well worth the time and effort. They can be tailored to be very tax effective and versatile – suitable for children of different ages, and applicable to full-time or part-time studies – and can offer alternative courses of action, such as paying annual school fees in manageable installments, or having savings prepared for purchases such as books, clothes and gear. Financial Framework specialise in outlining the goals and creating the plan needed to give someone the best education possible. Talk to us today about your child's education.