Financial Services

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a large part of the financial pressure that you may begin to feel as you approach your mid 40’s to early 50’s and for good reason. This time of your life is a critical turning point for making the most of every opportunity you have to set yourself up for the rest of your life. Visit our retirement planning page for more information.

Active Retirement

It’s a unique term that we’re beginning to coin in the industry. Active Retirement is all about making sure you can live out your retirement years to your absolute potential, not hindered with ailments.Active Retirement typically fits in between Work and Retirement itself. Find out how Active Retirement can prepare you.


Your superannuation is one of the most effective vehicles you have to drive you towards your retirement goals. We have unique solutions for superannuation and focus on aligning your appetite for risk with the correct superannuation for you. Get more super insights here.

Self Managed Super Funds

Are you one that likes to take the reins? Perhaps you have a business or a unique investment situation that means you might be suited to self managed super. We can help you provide structure and an investment plan around your SMSF.


Are you already retired or looking to apply for the pension? It can be hard work dealing with the government system. Fortunately we have in-house experts who have managed to crack the code. We pass all of our systems on to you and help you navigate the pension process.

Overseas Pensions

Are you from the UK (good news, so is our managing director) or somewhere that has a pension that you would like to access? We’ve helped many others bring their pension in from overseas. This can really provided the added boost you need for retirement.


It’s important part of the financial equation. Insurance is the safety net for unfortunate events. And believe it or not, it works. We’ve helped our clients claim over $10,000,000 when they’ve needed it most.

Personal Insurance

We don’t just provide insurance policies at Financial Framework. We find tailored policies that fit with your life stage, responsibilities, present and future health circumstances and help mitigate any financial risks in your life.

Insurance Claims

That’s right. One day you might use your insurance policy, and when you do, we’re here to help. We have a dedicated claims manager that supports you when you need to make a claim. This could be because you or your loved ones have been injured, had a major health event, are no longer able to work or may require life insurance funds. Visit our Insurance Claims page here.


Investments Outside of superannuation, perhaps you have some personal savings that you would like to see grow into something more. You’ll benefit from talking to one of our investment advisers.

Investment Advisers

Each of our financial advisers have been well educated on providing investment advice. All advisers are certified members of the Association of Financial Advisers

Investment Portfolio Management

We’re extremely proud of the solution we provide to our investment clients and retirement savers. We’ve developed a service that provides you with exceptional investment insights without the hassle of doing it yourself. It’s a really exciting development that’s worth checking out.

Small And Medium Business

Our small business owners get direct access to our Directors in the business – also small business owners. We typically help small business owners to simplify their structures, mitigate business risks and make sure there is plenty of assets available when they choose to retire. To find out more visit here.

Government Benefits

We’re fortunate to live in Australia where we have government benefits to support you if it’s required. We often work with government agencies like Centrelink.

Centrelink Strategies

Our Centrelink strategies work for those young and old. Although we typically work with those looking to claim the aged pension – either partially or in full. Jump over to our Centrelink strategies page to get some help with your application.