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You Might Be Thinking...
It’s stressful.
And you never know what the future holds.
It’s enough to put anyone off planning their retirement.

But fear of the future won’t stop you… It certainly didn’t stop Sir Alex Ferguson.


It was over 20 years since their last victory… And they won.

The Red Devils had the talent, the ability, and with Alex, they had the foresight.

When Manchester United partnered with the right manager in 1986, they went on to win 38 trophies over 27 years.

They were an average team for 20 years prior, only to become one of the greatest teams for the next 20+ years.


Because their manager had foresight.

You see, when you’re in it, living it day in and day out, it can be easy for your thoughts to become clouded. You can often lose sight of the bigger picture.

But when you partner with the right manager you can achieve incredible things over a long period of time, just like Manchester United did.

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What’s Holding You Back?

Whether you’re a football/soccer fan or not…We’re all coachable.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for one to happen… Waiting for the right opportunity. Waiting for the right time.

Waiting for the right amount of money… Even the right person?!

If you’re here now, the time is now. It’s time to knock off the remainder of your mortgage. And it’s time to top up your super. But it isn’t always that simple, is it?

Your Next Move Is Critical

You’ve reached a very important stage in your life and it’s time to consolidate and re-evaluate. During this stage of life there’s a lot of change happening, but it’s also a building block for even greater change… You know what I mean.

Until now you might have purchased your home, saved up a couple of hundred thousand in your superannuation and maybe even bought an investment property.

Then, there’s grown up or independent kids, aging parents, highly stressful days at work and the future of retirement to worry about...

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So What Can You Do?

You can make a plan. But when do they ever work out?

You’ve been planning all your life, but it still doesn’t give you the absolute certainty you need for retirement.

A plan can help you identify your goals, but only someone who can see the path ahead can truly help you achieve it with absolute certainty. They've been there. They've done it all before.

Even the most successful athletes and elite performers tend to have someone to help them achieve their goals. Imagine having someone by your side, in your corner, that YOU KNEW could help you hit your goals for the next 20 years.

What would it mean to you?

As you moved closer to retirement, would it give you more balance in life, knowing when you could spend less time at work and more time on the important things?

Perhaps it would allow you to travel more, whether it’s overseas or around the country. Maybe you even want to contribute more to the community, or to the grand kids, or even your favourite charity…

And to be honest, you might only need to hit your goals for a few years and you could be set for life. The only question for most people would be…

The Real Question

Will you have enough money for retirement?

It’s a tough question. But the numbers speak for themselves.

Almost 60% of Australians are going to run out of money before they pass away.

If you run out of money, where else could you get it from?

Your kids? Aren’t they trying to save for their own retirement..?

Life Insurance? We’re sure that relying on someone to pass away isn’t high up there on your list…

Lotto perhaps? In WA your chances of division 1 are 1 in 8,145,060…

The one thing that can get you through retirement is a plan and someone who knows the path ahead.

What if you’re forced into retirement, just like 40% of Australians who become sick or injured before they even get to retirement. It’s a pretty alarming statistic, isn’t it, but it’s very real.

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Are You Prepared To Be Forced Into Retirement?

Every year we help a handful of people who have become ill or injured before they choose to retire. It's not their choice to be in this position, but they're always glad they have someone in their corner to help them.

What would happen if you were forced into retirement?
Would you be able to stop work today?

I’m guessing you’re probably the key player in your family’s finances. Everybody’s relying on you to hold the fort…

If you don’t know where you’re at, then you need to get advice from someone who can help you figure it out. That doesn’t mean you can go out and get just any advice though.




The Danger Of Financial Advice

There’s so many ways to get it and so many opinions on how to do it... Financial advice can be dangerous!

You could go on CANSTAR and look at the highest rated products, with the most reviews, but that’s based on crowd advice and there’s no way to tell if it’s really right for you. Sure, it may have helped the 100 people who gave it a 5 star review, but are you them?

The chances are there’s something that makes your circumstances different. And that’s normal. That’s why we have choice in our lives.

Another form of advice could be reading a book like The Barefoot Investor and following Scott Pape’s advice, but once again, it’s crowd advice and there’s no way of telling if it’s right for you.

If there truly was only one right way to do things there would only ever be one option… As a last resort you could even visit your local bank or call your current superannuation fund to get advice… Hmm…But don’t they provide what’s called limited advice?

Doesn’t that mean that sometimes they can only recommend you things that they sell? That’s right.

This means you could even get pushed you into something that is not the absolute best option for you, purely because it’s the best thing available to them.

And we’ve all seen what sort of advice the banks have given out in the past… May I remind you of the Royal Commission…

We’re Privately Owned

Fortunately, we’re privately owned which means, under our licence, we’re free to offer products and services from a wide range of providers to you.

We're able to do this because we're backed by Australia’s largest non-bank owned financial service licensee - Synchron.

Synchron is a company of integrity and respect and we’re not just saying that... They're the type of people who put their heads down and do the work. You know the type...They don't expect recognition for anything they do and they're not fond of giving others recognition either. BUT, they get the job done. AND, they can be trusted. They're the type of people we like to deal with.

In fact, come to think of it, they don’t even have awards for their advisers... Many other licensees would spend tens of thousands of dollars giving rewards to advisers and promoting them all over the place. That's not Synchron's style. Though, it would be nice to win an award every now and then…

Despite, the lack of glamour, we’re proud to be a part of a group that is no frills and very serious about the quality of advice that we provide. We even go under annual audits where an independent auditor comes around and randomly checks the advice that our advisers have provided. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

It also gives us peace of mind that you’ll receive the very best advice from any adviser in our business. It should give you peace of mind too.

Unless you’re a high roller gambler, we don’t recommend taking advice from people whom you’ve never met or have no clue on the kind of lifestyle or personal retirement goals you have. Who’s checking their advice to make sure that it’s the right advice for you?

There’s a chance you could get lucky, but the chances of losing it are much higher...

Why Has It Come To This?

It’s a dangerous world out their in financial advice. Up until now, you’ve been bombarded; overwhelmed with choice! And rightly so, we’re all different and we deserve to have choices.

However, when it comes to financial decision making we become paralysed. Paralysed from the neck up… Your mind becomes hijacked by hundreds of messages a day which puts us in a state of analysis paralysis.

This epidemic is sweeping our nation by storm. When you become paralysed by choice you come to a stand still. Your finances stand still and your life seems to stand still as well.

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Don’t Wake Up In Your 60’s

And the results aren’t good…

Those who stand still and don’t act tend to drift off into what we call a mid-life drift. The next thing they know, they’ve woken up when it’s all too late…

They’ve woken up in their 60’s and sometimes there’s no way out. Sometimes, not even we can help them! We’re not magicians at the end of the day.

That’s why it’s important to start now, so you don’t have to wake up in your 60’s!

When you take action today you don't have to fear your 60's. You won't have to wake up realising you have drifted too far off track and can't find your way back.

Instead you can live through your 60's, and beyond, without having to fear that your money might run out.

The Prime Of Your Life

Believe it or not, right now you’re in the prime of your life!

✔️ You’re earning more money than you’ve ever earnt before.
✔️ You’ve got the highest superannuation balance you’ve ever had.
✔️ You’ve likely got the lowest mortgage you’ve had in years and the kids are up and leaving home.

Now is your opportunity to hit a home run in your finances!

So, how do you get started?

How do you make the right financial decisions for you?

Just by being here, you’ve taken a step in the right direction. You’re pushing yourself away from the danger zone of general (or crowd) advice.

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The Next 20 Years Of Your Life

If Manchester United can turn over 20 years of average into 27 years of glory, we can turn your retirement into a glorious time too. And it will likely be 20 plus years!

Your generation is set to live an average life span of 83 years.

With most people looking to retire at age 63, that’s a full 20 years of retirement!

If you’re prepared to make the next 20 years some of the best you’ve ever had, allow me to introduce Financial Framework.

We’re Passionate About You Living A Glorious Retirement

If you couldn’t tell, we’re passionate about Generation X (you). It’s not just because it’s where our business excels... It’s also because we want to be the difference in your life.

We want to be the manager that took you to new heights! That's what we get our satisfaction from.

Recently, Sir Alex Ferguson was knighted (hence the Sir) for his efforts of contributing to his country on the sporting field.

In many ways, we'd like to think that we can have the same impact on Perth Gen Xers in their retirement.

The next 10 years of your life are some of the most important years of your life, when it comes to your retirement.

If you screw these up, you can really find retirement challenging. We don’t want to see that happen for you. Nor will we allow it.



Partner With The Generational Specialists

When you partner with Financial Framework you get access to a team of experts that can service your every need from now until retirement.

It’s what we do best.

So, what are some of the benefits of partnering with us?

Value Packed Financial Advice

We've compared ourselves to what else is out there and we’re certainly not the most expensive financial advice firm. But this doesn't mean we don't provide the same level of service.

We don’t receive awards, nor do we apply for them.

We believe our results speak for themselves.

We’re value packed because we choose to use lower cost programs, don't engage in outlandish promotional activities and align ourselves with affordable bodies like Synchron.

This means we can provide the same outcome as some of the flashier programs out there.

Although we don’t glamorise our service, we certainly hold your experience with our people and business in high regard. It’s on par with the best out there, but unlike other firms, we’re always trying to lift the bar without lifting our prices.

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Our Results

Due to the promotional laws in financial the services industry, we’re not allowed to brag about our amazing client results.

However, to give you an idea of what we can do, here are some numbers that might mean something to you.

We work with exclusive investment advisers that play a role in advising how over $3 billion of assets are allocated in the global economy.

We personally manage over $180 million in assets and we’ve only been around for 5 years!

Our investments have been known to beat the market benchmarks and we thoroughly investigate how we can lower your risks wherever possible. (Our Director Daniel Hewitt was recently featured in The West Australian and The Financial Review for his comments on the topic of risk and retirement savings.)

Thanks to our results we've seen strong growth in the number of people that want to work with us.

Our Client’s Have Received Large Payouts

Remember how I said 40% of people are forced into retirement, well, insurance is how you can look after your loved ones if that ever happened to you.

And you know how people say insurance companies “don’t normally pay insurance claims”, well they do with us.

We have a dedicated insurance claims manager in house who supports all clients making claims. Christine has even been able to make a claim where our client's didn't think it possible. The result is generally 10's of thousands (sometimes 100's of thousands) of dollars in insurance payouts.

We’ve been successful with 100% of all valid insurance claims. We’ve made over $10 million in successful insurance claims for our clients.

That’s an average of over $2 million dollars going to our clients every year in their time of need. It seems to be becoming more and more each year too…



A Supportive Team

What we’ve really found makes our clients lives a success though, is our team.

We have 12 committed team members (6 advisers and 6 support) for you to ask any question you like, whenever you like, during business hours. We’re not limited in resources, but we’re smart in how we use them.

Each of our advisers has a dedicated staff member to support you. This means if your adviser is in another appointment or away on holidays, you’ll always have a familiar voice to answer your questions.

So, if you've got this far, you're probably asking yourself, "how do I become part of this team?"

The Next Step

Before you even drive your car in to our offices, we will have a 10-15 minute chat with you on the phone to see whether we can help you achieve your goals or not. If we’re not the right the right manager to help you excel for over 20 years in retirement we’ll tell you. If we think we might be able to help, we'll invite you in for a meeting

Everything will be disclosed in our first meeting together and before you even decide to meet with us we will send you a video introduction so you can get to know your adviser, face to face, with absolutely no commitment what so ever.

In our first meeting we will spend around an hour with you (at our cost) to get to know your situation in depth.

If you you're the type of person we can help, and you'd like us to look into helping you, we'll invite you in for a second meeting.

In our second meeting we'll provide you with an idea on some of the strategies that we could work on with you and how they'll work to improve your retirement savings. At this stage you STILL haven’t paid for anything.

Before you even question the value of our service we will give you an idea on the size of the investment required to help you achieve your goals.

We’ve organised our advice process in such a way that it lowers any uncertainty about the kind of people you’ll be working with. The entirety of our process will be disclosed in our first meeting.

It won’t cost you anything to get started. And you won't be required to pay for any of the help you receive in our first two catch ups.