Investing Like An AFL Dream Team

The Dream Team Investment


Every Position You Need To Win Big.

What Your Favourite Position
Says About You

Where does your favourite player fit in? Are they an Alternative? Or maybe they’re cash; always holding down the fort as the last line of defence.

Have you considered that your favourite player may have something to say about your investment preferences?

Now that you know where every possible investment opportunity stacks up, where would you invest your money..?

It’s a tough question, and one that is difficult to truthfully answer unless you manage investments every single day of the week. Well, that’s what we do. So we’ve prepared a handbook to help you build your own Dream Team Investment Portfolio.

Of course, the real key to achieving a Dream Team Investment Portfolio is not placing all of your bets on any one individual player, (or asset class in this case) it’s about diversification.

Proper diversification requires a disciplined and a structured portfolio approach.

We’ve prepared an investment handbook to help you set up an entire investment profile, just like a professional investment manager would.

Keep reading to learn how to kick your investment goals.

The Dream Team Investment


Make Investing A Dream

Before you go gung ho’ into your investments, there are a few things that you should consider first.

When investing, in anything at all, it is wise to have a proven set of principles to guide your investment decisions.

Without these principles in place the investor can be left unguarded and is subject to the emotions of the market’s ups and downs.

What this means to you is that whether the market moves swiftly upwards or comes crashing down, ultimately you have nothing in place to keep you on the straight and narrow. Not having a proper strategy has cost many investors dearly in the past.

The good news is that when you possess a proven set of principles, your likelihood for success and ultimate wealth creation increases immensely!

To help you invest like a pro we’ve disclosed 3 of our core principles that help guide our team to invest responsibly and successfully for our 1,000 strong client base.

The 3 Principles are:

  • 1 Planning to kick your investment goals
  • 2 Aligning your entire net wealth with your goals.
  • 3 Confirming your investment personality.