Dan Hewitt

Dan Hewitt

Director/Financial Adviser

Across 20 years in law, accounting, and corporate personal finance collectively, I’ve seen it all. The good and the bad! What this means for you is that I’ve had exposure to lots of people and ideas from many different industries and backgrounds and I have an excellent understanding of what works and what does not work, particularly in small business. My experience can help you.

I don’t tell you these things to impress you. I tell you to impress upon you the type of work that we do from our office in Mount Hawthorn.

My approach and philosophy is simple, I really enjoy meeting and helping everyday people get the most out of their financial affairs. Coming from a similar background, I particularly enjoy working with dynamic small business people who are out there giving it a go!

What I’ve learned from 20 years of professional experience is:

  1. There are no shortcuts to success
  2. Simplicity is often better than complexity
  3. The power of outsourcing and networks
  4. Avoiding bad decisions is as important as making good ones

I come from a place of real life experience and not just theory or numbers. This means whether we are talking about your personal finances, your retirement or your business, I can relate and will help do what's best for you.

When I'm not working, I’m either kid wrangling or participating in some middle-aged physical pastime like basketball or swimming.

Learn more about Dan by watching this video.