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"The purpose of a SMSF is the same as any other kind of super fund - to financially remunerate you during your retirement years."

Why Create or Manage Your Own Self Managed Super Fund?

Unlike retail or industry superannuation funds, with a Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) a member can also be a trustee. This gives you control over the fund, including its financial strategies and investments. SMSFs can have multiple members – up to four in Australia – which makes them ideal for families, businesses and partnerships. The level of control given to each trustee can be tailored to their needs and the requirements of the group. You could use it as a family super fund, as part of your estate planning, or simply as a means of growing your personal wealth. Your possibilities are as broad as the horizon.

There are many benefits to setting up a Self Managed Super Fund. Having control over your plan gives you incredible flexibility in what goals you can set, and the steps you can take in achieving them. As well as being able to choose who the members/trustees are, you can choose your fund’s investments e.g direct shares, overseas assets and property. This makes a SMSF a versatile and powerful addition to your financial framework…

Borrowing Money Through Your Self Managed Super Fund

Did you know you can borrow money through your Self Managed Super Fund for the sake of property investment? This can include borrowing money to acquire your commercial business premises if you are a small to medium sized business owner or borrowing money to invest in residential property if you are an investor. We recommend you consider the pros and cons of buying an investment property with a self managed super fund in Perth before you go straight ahead and sign the dotted line.

The Power and Responsibility Are Yours (But We Can Help)

As the trustee, you will be responsible for the strategy of the fund and its investments, as well as keeping records, providing statements, preparing tax returns, managing pension plans and retirement strategies. This is a lot of responsibility, but it affords you greater control over your fund. With help from Financial Framework, you will be on strong footing to manage and grow your own super.

Although a SMSF is obviously self-managed, many trustees hire Financial Framework for specialist advice and guidance. With our help, you will be able to create and manage a fund that yields the greatest returns. We provide comprehensive support. Everything you will need to manage your own fund to its optimum – including financial advice on which investments to choose. We provide the tools to keep you on track.

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