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"Financial Framework caters to all professionals working within the medical industry, providing a full suite of exemplary financial services to professionals and their practices."

Your skills and hard work require focus. So do your finances.

Medical professionals are known to be some of the most dedicated people in the world – spending countless hours treating patients, broadening their knowledge, researching and honing their specialisation. Getting the most family time they can between long hours of taxing work, most medical professionals find themselves too busy to properly deal with their finances. This situation is far from ideal, as it means some of the hardest working people will not get to enjoy the future they have earned.

Financial Framework are the answer to this problem, offering a full suite of exemplary financial services to medical professionals and their practices. Financial Framework caters to all professionals working within the medical industry – providing strategies and advice that are perfect for young doctors and dentists planning their future, specialists and GPs building their wealth, and the medical practices that add so much value to our communities.

A good financial plan will protect your family and make sure you feel secure

We take excellent care of your personal and business finances. We can help you with all of the important layers needed to build a strong financial framework:

  • Educations savings plans
  • Insurance
  • Tax planning and returns
  • Financial planning strategies
  • Investments
  • Loans and financing
  • Property acquisition

We spend time on your finances so you don’t have to

With Financial Framework taking care of your finances, your focus stays where it needs to be – giving you more room for work, and more quality time with your family.

Embracing the opportunities (and avoiding the traps) of higher income

Income for professionals working in the medical sector is higher than average, which is a tremendous advantage. Planning for the future is key. We will present you with many powerful options for using this income to strengthen and expand your own financial framework. A higher income also means higher income tax, so it is imperative to consult a Financial Framework adviser on how to improve your tax position, and tax-effective ways of turning your income into growing wealth.

A plan to run your practice, finances to grow it, and insurance to protect it

Financial management is essential to running a profitable business. Financial Framework can take care of all your practice’s financial needs now and well into the future. From improving the current day-to-day operations such as cash flow, to preparing/lodging tax returns, to forming strategies for financing and developing extensions to your practice; Financial Framework have you covered.

We will work with you well into the future

Long-term relationships are the backbone of Financial Framework’s ethos. We are with you for the long haul. We will always be there to advise and support you, no matter what the future holds.

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