TPD Claims

"Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance provides a lump sum when you become totally and permanently disabled by illness or injury. The definition of what this means can vary significantly from policy to policy."

Total and Permanent Disability Claims

Claiming for TPD can be a confusing, stressful and overwhelming experience. You are expected to deal with forms, insurance companies, doctors and all the other requirements that go with lodging a claim.

We understand there is so much more involved in presenting a TPD claim than just completing claim forms. In fact, lodging a claim form is the smallest part of what we do. 

That’s why we offer our advocacy service for our clients. Having a third-party advocate to represent you with your TPD claim provides a great advantage and leverage when presenting TPD Claims. As your claims advocate, we will liaise with the Insurer on your behalf, taking away the emotion and stress that comes with dealing with Insurers.  

The level of work that is required to get a claim over the line can be quite extensive. Which is why the cost of a lawyer can be quite expensive given the time it takes to lodge a successful claim. Our vast industry experience across all aspects of insurance, Centrelink and Financial Planning gives us the edge and the ability to advocate for clients to achieve the best results possible.


Advocating for greater results

In this video, Christine explains the benefits of advocacy and highlights just how powerful a third party advocate can be in getting the maximum benefit out of your claim. 

These three case studies are great examples of the extensive work our claims team undergo in preparing, researching and lodging a claim on your behalf. 

Marie-Jeanne Bukman
Marie-Jeanne Bukman
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I can not recommend Christine at FF highly enough! If I could I would have given her 10 stars! In a very difficult time in my life, she made my claims process smooth and took the burden of my weary shoulders. She is incredibly experienced, intelligent, professional and tenacious. She makes things happen! And all through this, she remains a supportive angel. As she said to me "I've got your back", and she really has. Nothing is too much for her, and she always has time for you. Christine Morgan is a gem. She is a good person who genuinely wants to help in an overwhelming world of people who want to use your misfortune to enrich themselves. She is worth every penny! Oh, and she added value where I didn't expect it. I had heard horror stories and warnings about a long and agonising process from others. I previously had an experience with lawyers where I was treated disrespectfully, and just walked away. It took me a year before I had the courage to try again. And from the first conversation with Christine I knew I found the right people. The claims experience with Christine and her team was all over in under six months. And seriously, with minimum stress. Dear Christine, I will forever be grateful to you! Thank you thank you so much for your kindness and your common sense can-do make-it-happen attitude! I'm so grateful I found you!
Rhiannon Purcell
Rhiannon Purcell
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I had the privilege of working with Christine Morgan, Claims Manager at Financial Framework, and I am compelled to share my experience. After enduring two years of stagnation with lawyers, Christine took charge of my TPD claim and achieved what seemed impossible: approval within a matter of weeks. What sets Christine apart is her genuine investment in her clients' stories. She took the time to understand my situation, getting to know me and my struggles on a personal level. This level of empathy translated into her advocacy, as she passionately fought on my behalf. Christine's dedication and expertise not only changed the trajectory of my life but also had a profound impact on my family. With her support, I can now provide for my five children without the burden of financial uncertainty looming over us. I cannot express enough gratitude to Christine for her unwavering commitment and remarkable results. She is a true asset to Financial Framework, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone in need of compassionate and effective advocacy. Thank you, Christine, for changing our lives for the better.
Veronica Smith
Veronica Smith
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Our family cannot thank Christine and the team at Financial Framework enough for their management of our financial affairs. No one plans to get sick or injured and certainly no one plans for life changing medical issues. When this happened to our family, while we hadn’t planned for it, they had. Christine worked tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for us. Thanks to them, we got to keep our home and continue with our lives with a minimum of disruption. This allowed us the time and space to come to terms with our changing circumstances without having to worry about finances. I cannot rate their dedication and compassion highly enough.
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts
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I recently had the pleasure of working with Christine at Financial Framework to help me with my TPD claim. I can honestly say that her positive and selfless attitude made all the difference in the world. Christine really had my best interests at heart and was able to get my claim sorted out much quicker than I had expected. She also made sure that I got the most out of my insurance policies, which helped me to achieve the best possible financial return. Overall, I was really impressed with Christine's professionalism and knowledge of insurance policies and the claims process. Her dedication to her clients is truly commendable, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of financial advice or assistance with an insurance claim. Thank you, Christine, for your help and support throughout the process. Your hard work and expertise are greatly appreciated!
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We were recently referred to Christine at Financial Framework by a friend to to help with my husbands TPD claim. I can honestly say she worked above and beyond and assisted us in our time of need (especially when his employer was actively making things harder). Christine really had my husbands best interests at heart. She also made sure that he got the most out of my insurance policies, which helped me to achieve the best possible financial return. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of financial advice or assistance with an insurance claim. Thank you, Christine, for your help and support throughout the process. Your hard work and expertise are greatly appreciated!
Lu Col
Lu Col
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I came to Financial Framework in the hope I could finally find a firm that could actually help me, listen to me and be honest with me during my stressful TPD claim. I was having some issues with a law firm I chose who basically caused unnecessary delays in my claim and where I was made to feel more like an inconvenience. I found Christine Morgan at Financial Framework! Christine is so amazing at what she does and so caring. She has a huge amount of knowledge and knows her stuff. She treated me like I was human and constantly made herself available to talk to me throughout the process of when she took over my claim and understood my situation and the stressful and financial pressure I was under. After the two months Christine intervened my claim was approved. Do yourselves a favour and call Financial Framework for all your TPD and life insurance claims and ongoing financial planning. The whole team is always friendly and willing to help with an amazing world of knowledge. Thank you Christine from the bottom of my heart. I am truly forever grateful
Deanne Francis
Deanne Francis
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I received a recommendation from one of my Facebook groups for Christine Morgan from someone who had used her services. I was sceptical. Christine just does this type of work (insurance for TPD/SCI etc) and has a no win no fee scenario (she is not a lawyer). Anyway I took the plunge, albeit with the caution of a burnt out sceptical woman... well I have to say Christine blew every doubtful thought out of the water, she supported me, nothing was ever a bother and Christine achieved a better outcome than I would have ever hoped, all within 5 months of me finishing work. She is so thorough and professional and like your biggest cheer leader... I was sceptical of her fee at first, but she not only got me my tpd but also my SCI that I wasn't expecting... credit where credit is due I say... So grateful right now. Thank you Christine, you are the ultimate professional who goes above and beyond for your clients and you are warm and caring as well..a very rare combination
Allan Webb
Allan Webb
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Fabulous and friendly service from Christine Morgan who totally saved me the stress and headaches dealing with my retirement processes. I would highly recommend Christine and the team at Financial Framework to anyone looking for advice and help as they offer such a wide range of services 👏👏
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I highly recommend Financial Framework. Christine was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Extremely proficient, knowledgeable, responsive and positive. I would happily use Financial Framework again and highly recommend them to anyone else
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Do you need a lawyer for a TPD claim?

The short answer is no.  We see many advisements for Lawyers who offer a “no win no fee” TPD Claims Service, however one of the differences between us and a typical lawyer is the cost. There is a significant of work and a high level of complexity involved in preparing and presenting a TPD Claim. These hours will quickly add up and so will your final bill from a lawyer.  

Although Lawyers do great work in this area, there is definitely a gap in the market for alternatives.  

The other key point of difference, aside from the significant cost saving, is our vast industry experience across all aspects of insurance, Centrelink and Financial Planning gives us the edge and the ability to advocate for clients to achieve the best results possible.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “Own Occupation” and “Any Occupation”?

Own Occupation definition is based on the criteria that you cannot perform the duties of your own occupation. This definition provides you with the highest opportunity of a successful claim, which is reflected in the higher premiums. This definition is only available to certain occupation categories and is usually held outside superannuation.

Any Occupation Definition is the most common TPD definition, which is usually held inside superannuation, such as automatic cover under employer superannuation funds. Any Occupation definition is much harder to meet as you need to be rendered not only to be unable to work in your own occupation, but also any occupation you are reasonably suited to by your past education, training and experience.
The advantage this this type of definition is that it offers an alternative to the occupations who cannot access the own occupation definition, the premiums are generally lower and the policy can be owned under superannuation, allowing premiums to be funded from your superannuation funds.

What happens if my claim is declined?

Sometimes claims get rejected. If this happens, this may not be the end. Insurers will issue a detailed summary outlining the reasons for their decision to consider declining a claim. It’s important to look at the decision and why it was rejected. Is the decision fair? If it is, then there is not a claim to be made and that is fine. If it is not fair, you need to keep going, lodge an appeal, present further evidence if required, find out what is needed to get the claim through. Persistence is key when dealing with insurance companies.  

 Our Claims Team are experienced at working through the appeals process and will look at all options available to give your claim the best chance of success.

How do I find out what Insurance Cover I have?

It is important to understand what insurance cover you have in place. Research your policy terms and conditions. Definitions can vary depending on the type of cover you have in place.  You can find this information in your Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule.  You can also check any old employer superannuation funds as there is often automatic cover attached to these funds, which you may not be aware of. You may even be able to claim on closed funds providing your accident or illness commenced prior to closing your fund.

Our Claims Team are experience in conducting research and interpreting policy terms and conditions.

Why do TPD Claims take so long to assess?

The level of complexity can vary greatly as does the length of time and expertise required. TPD, or Total and Permanent Disability Claims, are quite complex and can take a great deal of time and work to get through. In most cases with TPD, you
will need to prove that you are unable to ever return to work based on your education, training and experience.
definition will vary depending on your policy wording. 
Insurers need to assess that you have been fully diagnosed and exhausted all reasonable treatment options available.

Insurers also assess any transferrable skills that you may have acquired over your working history to see if you are reasonably suited to any other positions based on your education, training and experience.

Our Claims Team are experienced in navigating through the complex and detailed requirements of a TPD claim and will guide you through the process to ensure that your claim is presented to target the specific definitions and requirements in mind.

Do I have to pay tax on a TPD benefit?

This depends on the type of TPD policy you have. The general rule of thumb is, if the cover is direct direct through an insurer and owned by you personally, then the benefit is paid to you tax free. Premiums for this type of policy are paid by you direct and you do not receive a tax deduction for these premiums.

If your cover is held inside superannuation, then there may be tax payable when it is paid outside the
superannuation environment. A TPD benefit is not considered taxable income, however if you withdraw part or all of your
TPD benefit from your super fund as a lump sum, you may need to pay tax. The calculation is different for everyone, and if you have multiple super funds, the calculation may be different for each fund you make a withdrawal from. This can have a significant impact on how you choose to receive your TPD payout. Therefore, it is imperative that you seek advice from a Financial Advisor prior to receiving your lump sum benefit. 

Our Claims Team will work with your Financial Advisor to ensure that you are informed of any taxation, Centrelink and other factors that may impact your individual situation prior to receiving your TPD payout. 

How do Financial Framework charge for a TPD Claim?

Financial Framework offer an upfront agreed “no win no fee” policy with TPD Claims, with no hidden costs or added extras. This fee will only be payable on the successful outcome of your claim. Should your claim be declined, and all avenues of appeal be unsuccessful, there will be no fee for our time.

The fee for a TPD Claim can vary depending on the complexity of your claim as well as the sum insured.  This fee usually starts from $10,000 (plus GST) but may be higher depending on complexity. 

Contact our Claims Team for an obligation free quote. 

The decision for you is:

a) Do you take on your claim yourself?

b) Do you seek the assistance of a Claims Specialist?

Introducing our Claims Manager Christine Morgan

Our specialist claims team is headed up by Christine Morgan who has been in the insurance and financial planning industry since 1990 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in insurance and claims. 

Christine brings not just her experience of dealing with claims, and the technical expertise she has developed over many years in the financial advice industry, but also her true understanding of the stress and emotional impact the claims process can have at a time when the circumstances giving rise to the claim are stressful enough for you and your family.

Along with Christine, our team of claims specialists have years of experience dealing with insurers and understand insurance contracts and the assessment process involved in successful TPD Claims. As your advocates we will exhaust every avenue possible to get your claim over the line.   


Our Claims Team are not authorised to give financial or legal advice. Submission of a claim does not guarantee success. Our Claims Team act as an advocate to support clients through the claims process.

 It is important to get financial advice prior to receiving a lump sum TPD benefits.

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