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"We're really passionate about financial advice for small and medium business owners. That was once us when we first started out in 2013!."

Financial Framework will help you navigate the deep waters of regulation and taxation with financial advice tailored to your small or medium business.

We’re really passionate about financial advice for small and medium business owners. That was once us when we first started out in 2013! We now fit in between the categories of a small and medium business, employing just over 20 staff. It’s been quite the journey!

The way we see it, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are one of the major driving forces of the economy. There are over two million SMEs in Australia, employing over 70% of the total workforce.

If you are the owner of an SME you are part of the financial backbone of Australia, which brings with it a lot of opportunity that can be capitalised on.

There are many ways that business owners, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals can grow their wealth, but there are many responsibilities to consider.

By teaming up with Financial Framework you will have access to the most effective and current financial advice for SMEs. With smart planning, based on quality advice, you will be able to build, manage and grow your business, right up to the day you decide to leave.

We’ll be there to provide financial advice for your small and medium business every step of the way.

Meet Armin and Leon, Medium Business Owners

“As business owners, it’s important that we stay in control of our time and income.

We have been clients of Financial Framework for over 5 years now. Not only were they able to assist with the insurance needs of our business, but they also helped us review and improve our own personal insurance and superannuation needs. This really came in handy recently when we both had to make a claim on our insurance. Financial Framework helped to ensure we had a successful outcome. Without their advice the process would have been quite daunting.

We would recommend making the time to visit Financial Framework if you are a business owner OR an employee. If you have a household that relies heavily on one income then I can’t stress this enough.”

– Armin Bartel, CEO of Logsys Power Services & Leon Freese , Director of Fabsco Pty Ltd.

Even sucessful business owners can use a sounding board to make sure all bases are covered.


Tax works best for the well-informed

The Australian tax system is complex, but with the right advice there are many opportunities for small businesses to take advantage. Let’s be honest, regulation and taxation can be an impediment to an SMEs growth (or so it feels). It’s important to know what your rights are, what your tax and compliance obligations are, what small business concessions are available, and what plan you should put in place for superannuation.

Your Financial Framework business adviser will assist you to reach the best possible tax position.

Good financial management is critical to a sustainable business

Most of the business owners who have come to us for help were too busy to give their business’ finances the attention they required, which was costing them a lot of money and weakening their tax position. There’s no need for you to shoulder the responsibilities of a CFO on top of everything else… Financial Framework provide everything you need to ensure your business’ financial health.

Start with an audit and end up with a plan

We can audit your business to properly outline your key strengths and areas for improvement. We will examine profitability, cash flow and budgeting – supplying you with a business plan that maximises your value, improves your tax position, and allows for growth.

Build your new business with the best financial advice for small business owners

Setting up a successful new business requires planning and strategy, followed by a seamless roll-out. Financial Framework can help with setting up a new business, offering expert advice on areas of importance such as financing your business, budgeting for premises (buying or leasing), debt and debt refinancing. We can benchmark your business against other businesses to see where you stand against your competitors – using the information to help you build and manage the most competitive, most successful business possible.

With Financial Framework, you can make a grand exit

If you are planning to sell or exit your business, Financial Framework can help you to maximise the returns you will get on leaving. We can assist with the planning and the sale of owner-managed business – auditing and de-risking the business so as to assess, then optimise, its financial value. Your Financial Framework adviser can also help make business succession planning painless and profitable. Please read our Business Succession Planning page for more information, then contact Financial Framework to find out how we can help you.

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