Aged Care

"Our accredited aged care professionals support our clients through these challenging times by helping them understand the financial decisions involved, and effectively navigate the aged care system to make the transition as easy as possible."

Moving into aged care can be overwhelming; it takes an emotional toll as well as being difficult to navigate with serious financial implications 

With our Accredited Aged Care Professionals, we can help you navigate the Aged Care system, understand the financial decisions to be made and support you and your loved ones through this challenging time. Once you have clarity over this, the move to Aged Care may not be so overwhelming.

There are two types of support available for those requiring assistance, in home care and residential care. Our Aged Care Professionals can support you through the journey for both options.

Getting an understanding of what is required before beginning the process of moving to Aged Care can help you make the best decisions when the time comes. We have Financial Advisers that specialise in Aged Care who can guide you through this process and ensure your financial wellbeing.

Determining the Care and Funding Required

The first step in the Aged Care journey is an assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team, they will determine the level of care required as well as eligibility for funding. This process is managed by My Aged Care, a government department. We recommend talking to one of our Aged Care Specialists before taking this step as we can help you in understanding the funding process and discuss financial planning strategies to reduce the cost to you for your ongoing care.

Aged Care Financial Planning Strategies

There are a lot of financial decisions required regarding the move to Aged Care, whether to sell the family home, the affordability of care, Centrelink entitlements and whether tax is payable. We can also help with determining whether to pay for care up front, via installments or a combination of both.

Our Financial Advisers will create an Aged Care financial plan with strategies that could minimise the fees you pay, maximise your Centrelink entitlements and review your cashflow and costs to ensure you can maintain your lifestyle and manage the ongoing costs of your care.

Ongoing support

Our relationship doesn’t end once the move into care has been finalised. With the rules changing regularly around fees, Centrelink, pensions and tax, we continue our relationship with you to make sure you are getting the most up-to-date advice. We’ll also keep track of your investments, making sure they’re in line with expectations and that you’ll have the funds required to keep paying for your care and your desired lifestyle.

How we can help:

  • Explain the options available to you for in home or residential care and the steps that need to be taken
  • Explain the assistance you can receive from the Government and the fees you may have to pay
  • Discuss the pros and cons of selling or keeping your family home
  • Review your Centrelink Aged Pension entitlement and maximise where possible
  • Consider strategies to ensure you have the income required to meet the costs of care and your lifestyle requirements
  • Take time to understand your goals and review your financial situation to find strategies to help you achieve them
  • Help with Estate Planning to protect your assets and ensure your wishes are met when you’re no longer able to make decisions or care for yourself

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