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Choosing the right Financial Planner is one of the most important decisions you will make in terms of your future financial goals. 

That’s why we offer a complimentary initial consultation to ensure we understand the current state of your finances so we can offer the best plan for your situation. While also allowing you the time to determine if we are the right fit for you and our strategies are aligned with your goals.

We don’t charge a fee for initial consultations as we believe in taking the time to understand your financial situation before we are able walk you through the different strategies we can implement to help you achieve your financial goals.

Financial Framework provides a range of services covering everything from aged care, retirement planning, insurance, Centrelink and everything in between. 

Our specialty services include planning for medical professionals, advice for small to medium sized businesses, insurance claims and investment portfolio management.


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We can help with certain aspects of your tax return such as super contributions or advise on strategies that include tax. However we cannot lodge a tax return on your behalf as that will require an accountant.

As a minimum we meet with our clients every year to review our strategies and ensure we are aligned with your financial goals. Depending on how complex the strategies are, might require us to meet more frequently and of course, we are always up for a chat over the phone.

Our fees are dependant on the complexity of your personal situation and the types of plans we put in place to meet your financial goals. We offer a free of charge initial consultation with one of our advisers and once completed, they will be able to give a approximate fee of service that suits your situation and the plan that will need to be implemented. 

Yes we can! Our claims team, lead by Christine Morgan who has been in the insurance and financial planning industry since 1990 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in insurance and claims. For more information please get in touch with us here.

In Australia, the ASFA retirement strategy suggests that couples can comfortably live on around $65,000 or a single person should be able to live more than comfortably on $60,000. 
Of course this is only a standard measurement and depending on your personal lifestyle and situation, could be more or less. It’s important to think about what “comfortable” means to you and what kind of lifestlye you wish to lead in retirement.

There’s no certain answer to this question and like most aspects of financial planning, it depends on your financial situation and the types of goals you have set.

A few things to think about are how far away from retirement you are and if you have enough already in your super? And also if you still had a mortgage while in retirement, would it put your finances under stress? 

A few simple things to think about but our advisers will go through you situation and be able to advise on the appropriate course of action. 

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There are multiple avenues you can go down if you are looking to invest your savings and a lot of it depends on the stage of your life and your tolerance to risk. for example if you are nearing retirement age, having your savings in a high risk-high growth investment doesn’t make much sense.
Our advisers take all of this into account and will be able to factor in the most important aspects of your financial goals to produce a personalised financial plan.

To be eligible for the Australian pension you must be 66 years and 6 months and also meet the residency, income and asset tests. 

This being said, if you have enough to live off comfortably without the aged pension, you can retire whenever you want!

It’s important to understand where your finances are and where they will come from in the future before taking the big step into retirement. Having confidence in your finances will make this process as easy as possible with the least amount of stress.

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There are some requirements you will need to complete before you can access the age pension. you will need to have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years, be of pension age and pass the income and asset tests. 

For more information you can visit the Services Australia website here.

We get asked this question a lot and more often than not it’s because people don’t have a solid financial plan in place which makes it difficult to see where their money is going or know what their financial situation might look like in the future. 

Our financial advisers are experts in the financial field and can set you on the right path to ensure you know exactly what your money is doing and how to make it work harder for you. 

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