Money Calculator

Explore your financial information using these free online financial calculators and tools to help you determine and simplify your financial planning, retirement, savings, mortgage, and many more. Find out how long and how much you need to invest to reach your goal.

Child Care Subsidy

This calculator will let you know how to calculate the entitlements, payments for each child, and how much amount you could expect to receive on your care subsidy.

Super Simulator

Want to know how much super you'd need in retirement to fund the lifestyle you want? Use this calculator to show the super balance you might have when you retire.

Super VS Mortgage Tool

What is your expected return in a super fund versus the mortgage savings? Work out if you will be better off putting spare money into your super or your mortgage.

Super Contributions Optimiser

Use this calculator to see which type of super contribution will give your super the biggest boost and will show you how to make super contributions.

Centrelink Age Pension

This calculator helps to assist the age pensioners with their entitlement and to assess the eligibility of their pensions.

Retirement Planner

Use this calculator to help you figure out how much you will need to save per year in order to meet your retirement goals. The retirement planner can also help you determine how to work out your future retirement income.

Expat Super Refunds

Use this calculator to work out the average of your superannuation refund. The calculator results include an estimate of how much your refund will be and will show you exactly what you will receive.

Account-based Pension

This calculator is designed to better understand your retirement savings and assist you to find out the impact of your account-based pension strategies on your age pension entitlements.

Super Co-contribution

Depending on your income and how much you already contribute, you might be able to receive co-contributions. Use this tool to estimate your super co-contribution entitlement and eligibility.

Income Comparison

If you want to accurately estimate how much your income compares to other Australians, use this tool to find out the results.

Employer Contributions

Want to make sure your employer is paying you the right amount of super? This tool helps you calculate how much you should be receiving.

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