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Welcome to Financial Framework’s Centrelink Information Page.

Welcome to the Financial Framework Centrelink information page, this page is an exclusive page for Financial Framework Centrelink clients.

Financial Framework strive to provide our clients with support, education and tools to empower you to take control of your financial future. This self help guide is to assist you with all areas involving the set up and management of your Centrelink Online Account.

This page is broken up into sections which link to simple easy to follow instructions on how to set up your MyGov accounts and link Centrelink as well as how to apply for a Centrelink benefit and then update your income and assets on a regular basis.

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All the information you’ll need to set yourself up with MyGov and Centrelink accounts. Plus how to link the two together.

How to Apply for Centrelink Benefit

These links will help you apply for all types of Centrelink benefits and navigate to the right place easily.

How to Update and Maintain Your Centrelink Account

Updating and maintaining your Centrelink account can be time consuming and difficult, so here are all the links you will need when updating your account.

IMPORTANT: Centrelink need to be notified within 14 days of a major change to your income and assets.  The reason it is 14 days is to ensure that your fortnightly pension payments are correct and you don’t incur a debt, if your income and assets have decreased, or you don’t miss out on a higher pension if your income and assets drop in value.

How To Perform Tasks

Need to perform a task within Centrelink? These should point you in the right direction.

Reports and Documents

All you’ll need to know when requesting documents and viewing payment summaries on Centrelink.

Useful Links

Some additional links for your benefit.

Financial Framework’s Centrelink Client Service Packages

We understand navigating Centrelink can be time consuming and frustrating if you are unsure of the exact steps you need to take. We provide a range of Centrelink client services to assist you:

We can assist you with applying for your Centrelink benefits such as the Age Pension. The cost for this service ranges from $1,100 to $3,300 (including GST) depending on the time and complexity of your claim.

Ad Hoc:
We can also update your income and assets for you on an ad hoc basis, where we would charge you a once-off fee, which will be quoted to you upfront and will be invoiced to you at the completion of this work.

We also offer an ongoing client service package, that allows us to actively manage your Centrelink on your behalf so we can save you the unnecessary stress.

Our Centrelink Client Service Package is charged as an annual fee for our staff to manage your account for you. 

*Please be aware, financial advice is not included in the Centrelink services packages. 

For information on our Centrelink Client Service Packages, please enquire below:

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