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Dan Hewitt recently ran a webinar on Investment Markets in the time of Covid-19. He talked about where we came from, how markets react to world events and what might happen going forward. If you’d like to view the whole webinar, you can watch the full recording here. Alternatively, you can see the topics below and skip to the relevant section.

  • Setting the scene – what the investment world looked like before Coronavirus

Investment markets in February 2020

Investment markets in March 2020

What happened to the markets because of Coronavirus?

From 0.00 to 11.50

  • Looking to the future

What have markets done in the past?

What will the market look like in the future?

From 11.51 to 25.27

  • Stimulus packages

Federal Government Stimulus Package – Supporting business

Federal Government Stimulus Package – Supporting the flow of credit

Federal Government Stimulus Package – Supporting households

State Government Stimulus

From 25.28 to 33.10

  • Should I be taking advantage of the Early Super Withdrawal?

From 33.11 36.11

  • Your Questions

Should I be investing in the markets right now?

Are the banks safe?

From 36.12 to 43.19

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