Investment Portfolio Management

Introducing Investment Portfolio Management With Financial Framework

The 5 Key Benefits of Financial Framework’s Investment Portfolio Management

Financial Performance and Security

The portfolios are designed to produce superior returns over the long term in a risk conscious manner. Capital preservation is at the forefront of our thinking when constructing these portfolios. There are four portfolios specifically designed to meet particular financial objectives.

Responsive Asset Allocation

Our portfolios are actively managed, meaning that they are updated when required based on strict investment criteria. This style of management allows the ability to withdraw and reallocate funds in changing market conditions.


Where possible, we undertake direct ownership in share holdings where you can view exactly what makes up your portfolio. This allows you to view your portfolio’s change in value over time. Portfolio holders will receive highly valuable and easy to understand communications to keep them up to date on portfolio movements and market updates.

Tax Efficiency

The portfolios are structured and managed to always maximise tax credits and minimise capital gains tax. This has a material positive impact on long term performance.

Intuitive Experience

The platform where you will experience your portfolio management is highly engaging, with easy to use dashboards and reports. It’s user experience focus allows you to control how you view your investments online.

Additional Benefits of Financial Frameworks Portfolio Management Service

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Low Cost

The level of fees that you pay can make a huge difference to your long term returns. Every dollar you pay in fees is a dollar that won’t be working for you in your portfolio. Financial Framework have been able to consolidate the buying power of their clients, and negotiate a whole sale management fee for all of their clients. This means that unlike when you invest for yourself and pay retail price, you will get the buying power of an organisation.

Highly Skilled and Disciplined Team

To make this service the absolute best it can be, we haven’t just relied on our in-house talent, although it is still very good, we have gone out of our way to recruit (in our eyes) the very best investment talent in the industry. This means, that not only do you receive the expertise of Financial Framework, but you will also receive the dedication and attention of an entire team of in house and external investment professionals.

Long Term Strategy

Our investment values and philosophies allow us to focus on the long term success of our clients and their investments. This means that we are not in it to try and get you quick gains that could turn into harmful long term plays. We are solely focused on producing the best finish to your investment journey, wherever that may be.

Working Together

The Financial Framework Portfolio Management Service works together with you (the investor) and your portfolio (the investment) to draw you closer to the everyday workings of the portfolio whilst removing any need for analytical thinking or any such efforts (research, selection and maintenance) on your behalf.

The Support Of An Entire Team

In addition to these built in benefits, you also receive the dedication and attention of an entire team of in house and external investment professionals. This team comes together to form the Financial Framework Investment Committee. The investment committee meets monthly to monitor the current investment environment both here in Australia and globally. While changes in your portfolio will occur in a very meaningful way, rest assured our investment committee is carefully managing your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

When you invest with Financial Framework, you are taking control of your future.

Our Investment Philosophy, Portfolio Construction and Selection Process

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When it comes to our involvement in your portfolio management we focus on three key areas.

  • Firstly, there’s strategy. We cover this in great detail with you.
  • Secondly, there’s cost. As mentioned earlier cost can impact performance, keeping costs low is key.
  • Lastly there’s patience and discipline. This is where you come into the equation. Even the best investment strategy in the world will come to nothing, if the investor doesn’t have the patience to stay the course, and the discipline to ride out the inevitable bumps along the way.

What Exposure Can You Get In The Markets With Portfolio Management?

Depending on your tolerance to risk, you could get exposure to a broad range of investment types or a narrower range of investment types. Here are all the asset classes that our portfolio covers.

  • Australian Equities
  • Bonds
  • Global Equities
  • Property and Infrastructure
  • Index ETFs
  • High Interest Cash
  • Emerging Companies
  • High Quality US Shares
  • Alternative Investments

The Financial Framework Investment Committee

To complete the Financial Framework Investment Portfolio Management we partnered with three key parties:

  1. Christopher Lioutas - An independent asset consultant who advises to over $4 Billion in Assets.
  2. Belmont Securities - A specialist Australian equities manager who is revolutionising the investment industry.
  3. Wealth O2 - One of Australia's largest non bank aligned investment platforms.

This team comes together to form the Financial Framework Investment Committee. The investment committee meets monthly to monitor the current investment environment both here in Australia and globally. While changes in your portfolio may be infrequent our investment committee is carefully managing your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Frequent Communications Tailored To Your Investments

Unlike other investment services and fund managers, our Portfolio Management Services provide a high level of communications. With our partnership with proven investment specialists we're able to focus more on keeping you informed of your investments. We're able to provide you with the option to receive quarterly, monthly or even weekly communications related to your investments and the markets that affect your investments. It's like having a personalised economist for your own investments.

A Sample Of The Quarterly Portfolio Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Investment Portfolio Management Service?

A portfolio management service is where you undertake a partnership with an adviser to help you manage your wealth and investments. Typically this will involve the adviser helping you to allocate your money to investments that are suitable to your life stage, tolerance to risk and goals.

Is Investment Portfolio Management Right For You?

If you are looking for an investment solution that provides you with in depth information, transparent fees and investment decisions with limited work required by you, then yes this could be right for you.

If you would not like to be aware of how your money is invested and would prefer to place your money into investments that aren’t actively managed to generate maximum return, then portfolio management might not be right for you.

How Does The Investment Committee Decide Where To Guide Your Investment ?

We have a very detailed document which we can walk you through in person, if you so wish. However, the general process of deciding what is worthwhile investing in can be summarised in five steps.

    1. Determine what assets are available to invest in. This could be anything available to us, we do not have biases based on assets, we only seek to achieve our client’s goals.
    2. Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis.
    3. Hold manager meetings to discuss the options and findings.
    4. Refer to external research and ratings to support.
    5. Construct the portfolio appropriately considering all other factors.

What Makes Our Portfolio Management Unique

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Financial Framework’s Portfolio Management has been centred around the investor’s needs, both now and into the future. Previously, if you employed the services of a financial adviser to undertake portfolio management there was a degree of separation between you (the investor) and your portfolio (investments). Now, with the assistance of technology and the development of industry leading partnerships, Financial Framework is proud to introduce world class portfolio management for the everyday investor.

The portfolio management platform that we have created for you offers five key benefits. These benefits are bold in their aims with the goal of removing complications from investing and maximising the performance of your portfolio.

What Happens If Investments Don’t Go To Plan?

While not every investment decision made can work out as planned, what we can promise you is that we are focused on the long term. We focus on the quality and earnings of an asset, rather than any short term fluctuations in its price. We work hard to block out all hype and fear mongering that can be detrimental to decision making. It’s just as important that you try to do the same.

What Makes For A Successful Investor?

Despite what you will hear in the media, successful investing is not about trying to predict the direction of markets. It’s about buying quality assets at a reasonable price. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that everything will go up in price straight away. In fact, in the short term, individual asset prices and the overall value of your portfolio can even go down depending on the mood of investors. It’s important to be able to block this distracting noise out. If an event doesn’t affect an assets ability to generate returns then it’s not important for investment fundamentals.

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