As the primary way you save for your retirement, superannuation is one of the most crucial aspects of a solid financial framework.

It is important to note with superannuation that one size does not fit all... your super should absolutely be tailored to your individual nees. Working across all of your finances, your Financial Framework adviser will help you customise the best superannuation plan for your future – identifying benefits, maximising long-term growth potential and keeping risk under control.

If you are still years away from retirement it may seem like something you can deal with later down the track, but nothing could be further from the truth. What you do today affects the future. It is never too late to take control of your finances. If you want a superannuation plan that works best for your financial situation now and into the future, talk to Financial Framework. One of our advisers will outline your options, help you compare products, and find the best plan to grow your retirement wealth.

Consolidate your super, or manage multiple funds

You probably already have a superannuation fund, if not several. We can help you find and roll your superannuation plans into one perfect plan for building your nest egg. We can also help you to manage multiple plans, so that you know how your investments are performing, and what further growth is possible.

Access and manage your own superannuation

Financial Framework can offer advice on Self-Managed Super Funds, giving you everything you need to access and manage your fund with confidence. Visit our Self-Managed Super Funds page for more information, then contact Financial Framework to talk to an adviser. We are here to help you build your wealth and plan for your golden years. Your Financial Framework consultant will answer any questions you have, and advise you on any areas of importance, such as how your super is taxed, and what your investment options are at different points in time.

A plan that can change as your life does

The best superannuation plan is one that can adapt to any changes in your circumstances. We will help you set up a super fund that you can easily take from one job to the next, all the way up to your retirement. Of course, some changes in life are unplanned and unwanted. We will provide you with quality advice on how to insure your future against the unforeseen. With Financial Framework, you will reach your retirement with the peace of mind of being financially secure for the rest of your life.

Financial security is all about acting on the right advice

Our team members are experts so you don't have to be. We stay completely up-to-date with which superannuation products are out there, how they are structured and where they are invested. With Financial Framework you get unbiased and responsible advice. We hold our own Australian Financial Services (AFS) license, and are not affiliated with any of the financial products we deal in, nor the manufacturers or institutions that provide them. We work for you.