Tim Luxton

Tim Luxton
Director/Financial Adviser
Tim Luxton

I’ve been in the Financial Services industry since 1999 and have been advising since 2002. To date I have completed a range of studies from the Diploma of Financial Planning, a Bachelor of Business, even a Cert IV in mortgage broking. I also continually invest in my professional development with regular investment, wealth and insurance seminars that occur across the country, sometimes even globally!

Over the years I have developed a diverse network of contacts in both the UK and here in Australia that assist me to develop plans for even the most challenging financial situation. What this means for you is that there is no situation too difficult that I can’t lean on my network to get the best possible outcome.

My experience spans across a wide array of financial planning areas and my clients range from 20 years old to 92 years young.

When I established Financial Framework in 2013, my goal was to help clients be more in control of their finances by breaking things down into easy to manage parts or “Frameworks”. I found that by creating frameworks in your life, especially financial frameworks, it can take the pressure and stress away from our personal finances. When I share this vision with my clients, their confidence in their finances always increases. I get a great deal of satisfaction from this outcome which helps me to sustain my true drive and passion for the industry.

Outside of financial planning, I do have a life, with my wife Sarah and 3 energetic children. From time to time my family can also become very much part of the business, with my kids sharing their financial knowledge on our Facebook page and my wife helping to organise events throughout the year.

On the weekends I transition from a striker on the soccer field to a taxi – taking the kids to their soccer games and other extracurricular activities.

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