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The first step in getting your claim right, is to make sure you have the right personal insurance in place.

Personal Insurance can provide financial protection for you and your family should illness, injury or in the worst-case scenario, death occur. We have found that when the financial stress is removed, our clients benefit from being able to focus solely on their recovery.

Having the right personal insurance in place is the first step to making sure you and your family are protected should the unexpected happen. Insurance is paramount to a strong financial framework, so it must be tailored perfectly to your holistic financial plan in order to be effective and the highest value for money. If you first have a financial plan in place, with clear goals and strategies, your insurance can be structured so that everything you are building is protected properly.

Read on if you want to claim on your personal insurance.


Our Claims Manger, Christine Morgan, helped around 30 people claim over $2.6 million in 2020 through our Insurance Claims department. With her proven track record of obtaining successful outcomes, Christine’s approach to managing the claims process is not only based on a high level of technical expertise, she also has a true understanding of the stress and emotional impact the claims process can have.


Over the last eight years, we’ve helped our clients claim over $20 million in successful claims. These claims made through Income Protection, Trauma and Total and Permanent Disability insurance have helped our clients to:


- Cover daily living expenses for themselves and their familyFinancial Framework Insurance Image.jpg

- Pay medical bills

- Meet the costs of rehabilitation

- Pay off home loans and other debts

- Pay for modifications required to the family home


Most importantly, having the claim paid has provided peace of mind for those who have experienced injury or illness, allowing them to focus on their recovery and not worry about their finances.


We can also assist with life insurance claims, whether that’s working with someone who has a lost a loved one or, helping with early access to super if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.


We asked Christine about her experiences with claims and how it all works in the video below.



Causes of Claims


According to a number of insurers, these are the leading causes of claims overall:



Cancer continues to be the leading disease burden in Australia representing 18% of the total burden according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). In 2020, AIHW estimated there would be just under 150,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed and just under 50,000 deaths from cancer.


If you, or someone you know is affected by cancer we suggest contacting the Cancer Council for support and information.


Musculoskeletal conditions

Chronic musculoskeletal conditions affect almost 3 in 10 (29%) Australians, these are conditions that affect the bones, muscles and joints such as osteoarthritis, back pain and osteoporosis.


Mental health

Mental health contributes around 12% of the disease burden but as anyone who has a mental illness, or knows someone who does, you know that the impact has far reaching consequences. It can affect family, friends, colleagues and anyone is who providing support.


For support with mental illness, the following organisations can help:


Beyond Blue


Other causes for claims include injuries and fractures, and conditions involving the circulatory or respiratory systems.


If you’ve been injured or suffered an illness, call us to day to assist with your claim. We’ve detailed the process below, so you know what to expect:


The Claims Process


Step 1: Introductory meeting

Your initial meeting will be with Christine, and possibly your Financial Adviser. At this stage, we will go through your individual situation, look at what policies you have in place and see if there are grounds for a claim. You’ll need to give us authority to proceed with the claim if we agree to go ahead.


Step 2: Claim forms

We will contact the relevant insurance company and inform them of our intent to claim and request the claim forms. Once they’re received, we will have another meeting and go through the forms in detail. We will complete as much of the paperwork as we can to simplify the process for you.


Step 3: Positioning your claim

We use our extensive knowledge and expertise to position your claim in the most effective way to provide the maximum chance of a successful claim.


Step 4: Submit claim

We will submit your claim to the insurer and we will liaise with them to ensure that all the relevant information is obtained to assess your claim.


Step 5: Assessment

When the claim is submitted, it will be allocated to an assessor within the insurance company. We will liaise with this assessor throughout your claim, answering questions and responding to requests for information. This relationship is very important as we need to communicate your situation to work with them to get the best outcome for your claim.


Step 6: Approval / Decline

Once your claim has been assessed, you will either receive your benefit payment or, in some cases your claim may be declined. If your claim is declined, we will source every possible avenue to have your claim reviewed and will go in to battle with the insurance company if appropriate.


Step 7: Advice

Once your claim has been paid, we recommend speaking to your adviser about how best manage your payout to ensure you can maintain your lifestyle and cashflow for the long term.



Financial Framework will cover the cost of the initial meeting with our Claims Manger.


As the level of complexity and time required for each claim will vary significantly, especially with complex claims such as Total and Permanent Disability, we will provide you with a quote upfront. The agreed fee will only be payable on the successful outcome of your claim. Should you claim be declined, and all avenues of appeal be unsuccessful, there will be no fee for our time.


Please contact us for an initial confidential chat to ascertain if we will be able to assist you in lodging a claim, Christine would love to help.


Who We've Helped



Sometimes the circumstances aren't pleasant, but the service is rewarding and much needed as Rocco discusses:

I unfortunately had the need to refer a very close friend & client of mine, for a Terminal Illness claim, to Christine Morgan, the Claims Manager at Financial Framework. Having never needed to call on this part of their service offerings was quite confronting to say the least.After speaking with Christine, I immediately picked up on her empathetic & sincere approach to the matter at hand.Obviously the sensitivity around their enquiries was paramount. Christine went straight to work without delay & investigated the policies in place and the potential claims available to the client.The client was contacted directly and process began. I can only commend Christine & FF for their tireless efforts, their accommodation to the client needs, and the sympathetic yet professional approach to the matter.Fortunately all claims were paid out well in advance of what was anticipated & the clients immediate & family financial worries were put at ease.I was later thanked by the client herself for making the referral & the painless claims process she went through & for taking her financial worries away.Unfortunately this very close friend lost her battle and passed away not soon after. The only satisfying part was that we were able to address her financial situation for her remaining family well in advance of her passing.I would have no hesitation in recommending Financial Framework’s claims service; an unfortunate but very needed one!

Rocco M Fazari Partner / Director MGI Parkinson Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors.

And we've helped many, many more in better and worse circumstances...


Please contact us for an initial confidential chat to ascertain if we will be able to assist you in lodging a claim, Christine would love to help.