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We’ve prepared a short video so that you can get to know a little bit more about Financial Framework and, experience first hand in this video, the sorts of outcomes we help our clients achieve.

If you would prefer to read about us, feel free to read the transcript below or get to know more about us on our company page.

Tim: Hi and welcome to Financial Framework. My name’s Tim Luxton and I’m the managing director. You’re probably watching this now because it’s just about time for you to start taking control of your finances. The good news is, it’s never too late to start taking control.

Today, we’re just going to go in an in-depth look at what Financial Framework can do for you. But before we start just one of the big tips that we have for clients is that they should always step back and smell the roses but at all costs avoid tulips. Now, you’re probably asking why tulips, these beautiful flowers that the Dutch are famous for. Well, we’ll tell you a little bit more a bit later, but before we go on we’re just going to go through and answer a few of the questions that you might be asking.

Financial Framework is a group of financial advisers whose lives really revolve around helping small businesses and families control their finances. The reason for the framework is simple. What we find is as life goes on and you get more and more responsibilities, then each decision that you make from there carries more weight. What we find is that a framework can really help out. It can help you to really take control of those finances and provide clarity both now and into the future and that’s why in our business we live by one motto, with framework, comes confidence.

When our clients have that framework in place and they have that confidence, the feedback that we get is that what they most value is the peace of mind that that brings, the clarity and certainty they have in control of their finances and most importantly, the fact that someone’s in their corner and has their back.

Now, earlier we talked about tulips and you might be wondering what a financial advice firm is talking about tulips for. Well, back in 1600s, then there was the big tulip mania that happened in the Netherlands. One of the reasons for this was people place an importance on the value of tulips and it created such a demand that the price went through the roof. Unfortunately, when that demand stopped then lots of people who placed lots of money, and even sold their houses to buy tulips, had lost a lot of money overnight, so it was a real boom and bust scenario.

Now, that’s a really valuable lesson and that’s something that Financial Framework take very seriously and trying to help our clients avoid those boom and bust scenarios and navigate through normal market cycles. In order to do that then I’ll pass you over to my fellow directors, Dan Hewitt, and Paul Reilly to tell you how we do this.

Dan: Hi. I’m Dan Hewitt, a director here at the Financial Framework. When I’m not seeing clients, I’m in charge of three important functions within the business. The first is the investment function. As we operate under a private dealer group, we can go to the marketplace and find the very best solutions for our clients. We’ve spent the last two years developing this solution and I can’t wait to show it to you. The second is staffing. We spend a lot of time energy recruiting and keeping a great team together to implement our clients’ solutions.

Lastly, our business relationships, we’re a holistic financial planning group,the project manager for your financial lives but if there is an area that we can’t service or specialize in, like accounting or law, we’ll connect you to great service providers to get that done.

Paul: Dan spoke to you about the advice team and the investments we use. At Financial Framework, there’s a dedicated administration team working in the background to help implement and monitor our clients’ investments and insurance. Since Financial Frameworks Inception, our client’s investments have grown to over $200 million, but it’s not all about investment, it’s also about protecting your wealth.

Financial Framework has helped clients lodge insurance claims that have resulted in over $14 million of payments. If you’ve got a financial planning question or indeed any other question that needs answering, please give us a call.

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